UOB Credit Card Activation

Have you received your UOB Credit Card or Debit Card recently and want to use it? The first step you’ll be required to complete will be Activate UOB Credit Card.

UOB card Activation is a very simple task if you complete here. UOB cardholders can activate UOB credit card online at www.uob.com.sg/activate or can simply dial UOB Credit Card Activation Phone Number at 1-800-386-8188 to activate UOB Debit Card through the registered phone number.


UOB Card Services offers many easy methods and ways to activate UOB cards. A user just has to choose any of convenient methods from provided methods below, follow the steps and instructions as shown and activate the card easily.

Well, it is necessary to have certain requirements as well as to follow some basic steps to activate the cards.

  1. Activate UOB Credit Card Online through the UOB website at www.uob.com.sg/activate.
    • It is necessary to have an online banking account to activate UOB Card Online. If you do not have an online account then the user cannot activate the credit card online.
  2. Dial UOB Credit Card Activation Number at 1800 386 8188.
    • The card users can only dial UOB Card Activation Phone Number or at 1800 386 8188 by the registered phone number with the bank account. If you are dialing the card activation phone number through another phone number then you won’t be able to activate the card.
  3. Activate the UOB Card by visiting any of the UOB Branch located in Singapore.
  4. Activate UOB Debit Card using your debit card PIN at any of the UOB ATMs located in Singapore.
    • You must have the debit card PIN to activate the debit card at any of the ATMs.
    • The card users have to make a withdrawal or deposit the money in the card to activate the debit card.

Activate UOB Credit Card Online

It is necessary to have an online account in the UOB Online Banking, Internet Banking or NetBanking to activate the credit card or debit card online. If you do not have an online banking account then you can simply register or enroll for the new online account instantly.

  • Step- 1. Visit UOB Credit Card Activation Online Link at at www.uob.com.sg/activate.

  • Step- 2. Locate an select an option available “Activate Now”.

  • Step- 3. On the next page, you will be directed to the UOB Card Activation Page. Enter your Credit or Debit Card Number (15 or 16-digit written on your card) and Verification Code.

  • Step- 4. One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone number for verification.

  • Step- 5. Verify your account and card by providing the following details

    • Your  Credit Card number
    • Your SSN (Social Security Number)
    • CVV
    • Card Expiry Date
  • Step- 6. Review the card details and information you have entered before and click on an option available as Activate the card in the end. Soon you will receive a notification that your UOB Credit Card has been activated successfully.

It is not necessary to activate the credit card or debit card online. If the user is unable to activate the card online then simply can choose any of the other convenient methods to activate the cards.

UOB Debit Card Activation Tips & Final Words

A user can simply activate the UOB Debit Card by visiting any of the UOB ATMs and activate the debit card using your debit card PIN. UOB Credit Card and Debit Card users are suggested to keep their UOB Online Banking Account Login Credentials and credit card details safe to keep the account secured.

I hope this post has helped you completing UOB Credit Card Activation task here. If you are still having any troubles in UOB Debit Card Activation or facing any other issues then comment below and let us know. We surely will help you activate UOB Credit Card.

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