MLGW Pay My Bill – Easy-to-Use Payment Solutions

MLGW Pay My Bill – Easy-to-Use Payment Solutions

MLGW Pay My Bill Maintain your utility bills by using the simple payment options offered through the Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division. 

You can pay via the internet, phone an assistance specialist, or go to a branch close to you to ensure that your utility bills are paid on time and on time every time.

Memphis Gas, Light, and Water Division have offices in the area and a user-friendly website and customer service personnel to help you with your payment requirements. If you want to make a utility bill select one of these options to pay your MGLW bill.

MLGW Pay My Bil

MLGW Pay My Bill Online

Visit the home page of MLGW to see your bill, control your service, deactivate or re-establish service, and make payments online. There, you can talk, call to view, chat, and more. At the very top of your page, you will find the “My Account” My Account Link. Click it.

When you access the page, you will have two options: login, and create an account. If you have not done so already, select the blue ‘sign up

When you sign-up for an account for the first time you must be able to prove your identity as well as control your account:

  • Account number
  • My Account Access Code.

Both are on your most recent bill statement. Click ‘ Continue when you’re done.

You will be required to create an account username and password once you have verified your account. This will be used to log in each time you need for online payment or control the details of your MLGW account.

If you sign in to the MLGW payment account online through your, you will be able to see your bill pay it, look up your balance, and even request assistance.

Pay Your MLGW Bill On the Phone

If you want to pay for your bills by telephone, talk about your charges, or arrange arrangements for payment, reach MLGW directly by dialing 901-544-65-50. 

If you call MLGW during off-hours, many of their services can be handled by an automated process. The system’s automated interface lets you request information on charges, ask for an extension, or hear bills balances.

Make Your MLGW Bill Payment In the Mail

You can send your bill by mail by cashier’s check or money orders. Make your payment payable through Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Accounts Payable Department.

PO Box 388
Memphis, TN 38145

You must include your address for service as well as your name and account number on your transaction.

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Pay In the Office

You can go to an office in your area to pay an MLGW representative, or to one of our, Express Pay stations. To locate a community center near you, perform an online search to locate the nearest location.

If you’re looking to pay quickly with an MLGW Express Pay store the locations are South Main Street, Lamar Avenue, East Shelby Drive as well as Summer Avenue.

It is crucial to make use of the right method to pay your bills. If your utility is nearing being shut off, it’s ideal to pay the bill via a 24-hour express pay station in your office or on your ” 

My Account is online. Whatever method you decide to use for paying your bill from MLGW, make sure that you are carrying your bank account’s number as well as the payment method you used to pay. If you need help, you can contact the customer service number of MLGW at 901-544-65-50.

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How do I get help from MLGW bill?

To apply for utility assistance, customers can call (901) 222-4200 or visit To apply for emergency rental assistance, customers can text HOME901 to 21000 or visit MLGW also has several utlity assistance programs available.



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