Merrick Bank Pay My Bill – Online, By Mail 2021

Merrick Bank Pay My Bill Online, By Mail

To make secure and easy Merrick Bank credit card bill payments you can rely on access online on the Merrick Bank website. You can manage your payment and account balances and schedule payments for the future by signing up your account and log into.

Merrick Bank Pay My Bill – Online, By Mail 2021

Online Merrick Bank Cardholder Login

To access the online platform provided through Merrick Bank you’ll need to go to the website and input the necessary information to begin.

  • Start at the Merrick Bank website found here
  • On the first screen, click on the gold button to access “Cardholder Login”
  • The login and registration page.
  • If this is your first time using the website, you will have to select the option on the right side to “Enroll” that will open a new enrollment page.
  • According to the information on the webpage, enter the details required to continue:
  1. Your name exactly as shown on the account
  2. The last four digits of your social security number
  3. Input your email address, and repeat it to confirm
  4. Cell phone number
  5. Birthdate
  6. The state in which you live
  7. Mother’s maiden name
  8. Click “Next”

Follow the additional directions at the bottom of this page to finish your account setup.

Merrick Bank Pay My Bill Online

  1. It is easy to pay as well as keep track of the details of your Merrick Bank credit card account online. After you’ve followed the steps above to set up your account, log in to start.
  • Get started paying your bill by visiting
  • Log in with your password as well as username. Then click “Log In”
  • You can type in the routing number of your bank as well as your account number and save them in order that future payments are straightforward, but the first time you’ll have to go through several verification steps.
    • After your bank account information has been confirmed, you can apply it in order to pay a single payment or to set up regular payments to be automatically drawn through your banking account.

For more information or assistance for assistance with your payment online Merrick Bank payments, you can check out our website for FAQs. You can also reach customer service by dialing the customer support number by dialing 800-204-59-36.

Mail Merrick Bank Payments

If making a payment online isn’t your preferred option then you can send an original Merrick Bank credit card payment.

  • Utilize the convenient envelope for remittance which is included in your monthly statement to make your payment using your payment stub, money order, or check with an account number.
  • In the event that you do not have an envelope for remittances, you can pay the bill to:
    Merrick Bank
    P.O. Box 660702
    Dallas, TX 75266-0702

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