DP&L Bill Pay Ways: Full Guide

DP&L Bill Pay Ways: Full Guide 

DP&L Bill Pay Ways Dayton Power and Light Dayton Power and Light is an electric utility company based within Dayton, Ohio. Dayton Power and Light provides services to more than 500 000 customers and employs over 1,500 employees.

DP&L Bill Pay Online

DP&L bill payment online is fast and easy.

Begin by visiting their website: dpandl.com.

To be able to pay online for your bills, it is necessary to be required to create your profile.

DP&L Bill Pay Ways

Create a Profile for DP&L Bill Pay Online

On the dpandl.com website, click on the link under the “Sign Into MyDP&L” section that says “Create a new profile.”

You must enter your bank account’s number which will see on the upper right-hand side in your statement. 

After that, you must enter the billing zip code and the number that appears in the upper right-hand corner of the captcha.

Click the blue button that reads “Next” and follow the instructions to complete the process of creating your profile. You’ll have to create an account with a username and password.

Log in to DP&L Log into DP&L to pay bills online

After creating a profile on their website, return to their home page.

In the upper right-hand corner, in the upper right-hand corner, enter the username and password that you used when creating your profile.

Select the button in blue that reads “Sign In” and follow the steps to pay your bill.

Other Ways to Pay Your DP&L Bill

If you’d prefer not to be able to pay for your DP&L bill online, there are alternatives.

  • Pay using KUBRA Pay with EZ-PAY: You can pay with an account at a bank or debit or credit card via KUBRA Pay-Z-Pay. There is an additional $1.95 cost to pay with either a debit or credit card. Visit the DP&L pay page to make payments using this method.
  • In-person payment: Pay in person at a paid agent. Find the closest pay agent by going to the payment page.
  • Pay by post: Send a check or money order to:
    Bill Payments
    Dayton Power & Light
    P.O. Box 740598
    Cincinnati, OH, 45274-0598.

DP&L Customer Service

If you require assistance in settling your bill, contact DP&L by dialing 937-331-40-00. You can also get in touch with them through the site or click “Contact DP&L” near the middle of the page. Fill in the form, and then click “Send it.”


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People Also Search DP&L Bill Pay

How do I begin the stop or switch service?

If you’ve created an account with DP&L on the internet, you are able to modify your account by logging into your account. If you do not have an online account you can call them at 1-800-433-8500 a minimum of three days prior to the date you’re required to change your service. If you’re requesting service, you’ll have to give your name, date birth date, address telephone number, valid, and Social Security number.

What is budgeting?

Budget billing helps make your monthly bills predictable. The same payment is made every month, and DP&L examines your account on a regular basis and, if you use more or less power than you expected, you’ll either be given an amount of credit or charged with the extra amount. You can enroll with budget billing via calling 1-800-433-8500.

I’m in delinquency on my bills. What do I do?

If you are facing an outstanding balance it is possible to make payments with DP&L. It is possible to divide your debt into nine or six installments. There is a program that is specifically tailored to winter heating costs. To sign up, contact the number at 1-800-433-8500.

What can I do to get continual help with my payments?

DP&L can assist those who require medical or life-supporting equipment. Medical professionals are required to confirm the necessity for equipment. For more information, contact DP&L on 1-800-433-8500. You may also receive help from the state based on your earnings and your needs. For more information, check out the website of state.

What can I do to notify an outage?

Report an outage via 1-877-468-8243. If you spot an outage or other security issue, avoid it and notify DP&L. If you need help you must dial 911.


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