Activate Sears Card

Recently received your new Sears Credit Card or MasterCard and excited to swipe your new card? Well, if you do then the first thing you will need to do will be Activate Sears Card first. Sears card users can Activate Sears Card Online at citiretailservices. (Citibank Retail Services and Sears MasterCard Activation website) or can simply dial the Sears Credit Card Activation Number at 1-800-589-7327 to activate Sears card through the registered phone number.

Sears Credit Card, MasterCard, Gift Card services offer plenty of benefits and advantages to the card users. Also, a cardholder can simply activate Sears Card meanwhile in no time here.

Sears Credit Card Activation

There are various ways which are offered to the Sears or Citi Retail Credit Cardholders to activate Sears Credit Cards or gift cards. Also, a cardholder needs to meet and satisfy some of the basic requirements to activate the credit card. Now, if you have received your credit card or the gift card then you can learn here how to activate Sears credit card and easy ways to keep your card secure. The cardholder can simply select or choose any of the card activation methods from given below and follow the simple instructions to activate the cards.

  1. Activate Sears Credit Card Online at Citi Retail Service Card Verification Website.
    • A cardholder will require to enter the card number, SSN etc details. So, a user must have the card details to activate the card online.
  2. Activate Sears Card by calling Sears Credit Card Activation Phone Number at 1-800-589-7327.
    • A cardholder needs to have a registered phone number with the Citi retail services to activate the card through the phone.
    • If you do not have the registered phone number then you can simply activate the card online.

Activate Sears Card Online

  • Step- 1. Visit Sears Credit Card Activation Online portal at

  • Step-2. Enter the following card details as required

    • Credit Card Number
    • Cardholder Name as it Appears on Your Card
    • Security Code
    • Last 4 Digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN
  • Step- 3. Locate and Select an option available at the end as Verify.

  • Step- 4. Submit your request to activate Sears Credit Card online and soon you will receive a notification that your card has been activated successfully and ready to use now.

It is not necessary to activate the credit card online. If you are not interested or unable to activate the card online then you can simply activate by calling the Sears MasterCard Activation Number.

Sears MasterCard Activation Tips & Final Words

Sears Credit Card or MasterCard holders can simply activate Sears Credit Card through visiting any of the nearby Sears stores using your credit card details. Also, Sears MasterCard and Credit cardholders are suggested to keep the login details and credit card safe to keep the card secure.

No other terms, requirements or steps are there to complete the Sears activation of your card. I hope this post here will be helpful for you to activate Sears Card Online or through dialing Sears Credit Card Activation Phone Number. If you still have any troubles or concerns in Sears Card Activation then comment below, let us know and we surely will help you activate Sears card.

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