Activate Santander Credit Card

Recently received a new Santander Bank Credit Card or Debit Card and want to use it? Ok, you can but the first thing you will need to do will be Activate Santander Card to use it.

Santander Bank Cardholders can Activate Santander Debit Card through Santander Online Banking or can dial Santander Credit Card Activation Phone Number at 0800 456 1333 to activate Santander Credit Card.

NOTE– Santander debit cards come activated already and ready to use, but you have to use any of the Santander ATMs or make a purchase using chip and debit card PIN for debit cards to start working. 

All cardholders are just expected to follow the simple instructions and steps to activate Santander card here. All kinds of Santander cardholders including credit card, debit card, MasterCard, Visa card users can activate their cards here.

Santander Credit Card Activation

Santander Bank offers many methods or ways to activate Santander credit card and debit cards. A user can simply select any of the easiest methods to activate, follow the simple steps and activate the card. Well, there are some certain requirements and steps which must be accomplished and followed by the cardholder to activate Santander debit card or credit card.

  1. Activate Santander Credit Card Online through Santander Online Banking Account.
    • It is necessary to have an online account in Santander Online Banking or Internet Banking or NetBanking to activate the credit card online.
  2. Accomplish Santander Credit Card Activation Task by dialing Santander Credit Card Activation Number at 0800 456 1333.
    • A credit cardholder can only dial the Santander Card Activation Phone Number through the registered phone number with the bank account.
    • The cardholders will be unable to activate the card if they do not have a registered phone number with the bank account.

Activate Santander Credit Card Online

  • Step- 1. Visit Santander Online Banking at

  • Step- 2.Enter your Personal/Customer ID and log into your Santander Online Banking account.

  • Step- 3. Click on an option available to ‘My Details & Settings’ and go to ‘Other Services’.

  • Step- 4. select either debit card or credit card services and choose to activate your card.

  • Step- 5. One Time Passcode (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile phone to complete the card activation process.

There is no necessity of activating a debit card online. If you are unable to activate online then you can simply choose any of the above methods to activate your credit card.

Santander Debit Card Activation Tips & Final Words

Santander Credit Card or debit cardholders can simply activate Santander Debit Card at any of the nearby Santander ATMs by making a withdrawal or depositing the cash. Also, the Santander credit card or debit card users are suggested to keep the card details and online account details confidential to keep the Santander Card & money safe and secure.

Hopefully, this post has helped you activate Santander Credit Card successfully. If you still have any troubles in Activate Santander Debit Card then comment below and get help from us.

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