Activate FNB Card

Recently received a new FNB Credit Card or Debit card and excited to swipe your card? Well, you must activate FNB Cards before using it.

  FNB Online Banking account allows the FNB Credit and Debit Cardholders to activate FNB cards or dial First National Bank Debit Card Activation Number at 1-866-633-5293 to activate FNB Credit Card or debit card through the registered phone number.

FNB Card Activation

First National Bank Card Activation is offered by the FNB in various methods and steps. A card user can simply choose any of the easiest methods to activate the credit card and follow the simple instructions to activate the cards.

Well, it is a quick, easy and an immediate process of FNB Credit Card Activation but the cardholders need to follow some steps and required to have the basic elements to activate the card.

  1. Activate FNB Credit Card Online through FNB Online Banking account
    • To activate credit card or debit card online, a user must have an on banking account in FNB Internet Banking.
  2. FNB Card Activation through dialing the First National Bank Debit Card Activation Number at 1-866-633-5293.
    • A cardholder can only dial the FNB Debit Card Activation Number through the registered phone number with the FNB bank account.
    • Once you dial the card activation phone number, the automated prompts on the phone will help you activate your card instantly.
  3. Activate the credit card or debit card by visiting any of the FNB bank branches.
  4. Activate FNB debit card at any of the FNB ATMs by making a withdrawal or depositing the cash.

Activate FNB Credit Card Online

To activate the credit card or debit card online, you must have an online account in the FNB Internet Banking. Well, if you do not have an online banking account then you can simply register, enroll or create a new online banking account instantly.

  • Step- 1. Visit the FNB Online Banking Login site at the FNB Online Banking portal and enter your online banking username and password to log into your online banking account.

  • Step- 2. Locate and select the following options available their one by one

    • My Bank Accounts > My Cards
  • Step- 3. Locate and select the card you want to activate and click on it.

  • Step- 4. Now select an option available as a “Activate Now” then locate and enter the required card details and other personal details to activate your card.

  • Step- 5. As soon as you enter the required details and you will receive an OTP to your registered phone number with the bank account.

  • Step- 6. Enter the OTP in the given field and submit your request to activate the card.

  • Step- 7. Once you will submit your request to activate FNB card, soon you will receive the card activation notification that your card has been activated successfully and ready to use now.

It is an immediate and quick process of FNB Credit Card Activation. Once one, you will be ready to swipe your card and use it wherever required.

FirstNational Bank Debit Card Activation Tips

All FNB credit cards and debit cards can be activated through the steps and given instructions above. The FNB credit card and debit card users are always suggested to keep their card details and account login credentials safe to keep your money and accounts secure. 

Hopefully, the post available here helped you activate FNB Credit Card. If you still have any troubles or concerns in FNB Debit Card Activation then comment below, let us know and we surely will help you activate FNB card or credit card.

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